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wardgal asked:

Hey. I was wondering what your take was on the fact that EK met with the writers a couple of weeks ago. Do you think that does not bode well for her character? Seems like only a few met with them. I'm starting to worry about Beth's fate since. Gimple recently said some would be learning their fates soon. I'm new to twd fandom so I don't know if this is a yearly occurrence.


Basically the people who met with the writers were the people who happened to be in LA in the last couple of weeks (everyone else probably did a Skype call or will have their meeting once everyone’s in Atlanta). The ones we know about are the people who went out of their way to post a picture on instagram, twitter or whatever. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if Emily went into a meeting with the writers and they told her she was going to die in season 5, that she probably wouldn’t have been in the mood to be taking funny group pictures. Not saying it means she survives season 5, I’m just saying I don’t think she got bad news in that meeting.

Thanks for responding.  :)


Anonymous asked:

I saw a post talking about Guggenheim's interview about 2x14 and when he talked about about it previous to the incident-of-2x13--that-shall-never-be-named he was all like this is a very Lance family-centric episode and now after all the backlash they've received for you know what(I can't even type the words it makes me sick) he's selling it as Felicity-centric and her reaction to the Sara situation, as that post righteously said, "it's more like damage control-centric." Thoughts???


Yeah, it screams damage control. He was the first one to tout the ‘Emmy worthy’ moment in the episode. There was also something about a scene with all the Lance family members spilling their secrets. Stephen talked up the Oliver/Laurel stuff.

And suddenly MG turns around and says it’s a big Felicity episode? That definitely sounds like spin control to me. 

As soon as I saw M G’s statement about this episode being “Felicity centric” I knew it was said as a way to calm Felicity fans about the whole Sara/Oliver kiss. Not one other cast member has mentioned that a Felicity centric episode was coming. And even Stephen Amell said he hoped she get one in his Q&A last week. It is obvious that it really wasn’t written an one. And to be honest, I am not looking forward to Watching Felicity feel less than every one else bc Sara is on the team now. She never seemed to question it before.

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